vineri, 24 iunie 2016

Great experience when I rented a car with driver

Last year it happened to travel a lot in the Eastern Europe (you probably noticed that I had a lot of nice stories that were related to my travels in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and other nice places from the wild east). Now… you also know that I have told you really a whole lot of stories about Stefan, the guy that has been my private driver during those days, a guy that I am really missing.

And in fact, to be completely honest I have to say that I am missing a lot the  fact that those guys from my current location do not provide cars with drivers at affordable pricing, and I really have a lot of things that I should take care – so the period when I got my own chauffer with that gorgeous Mercedes car was one of the best business travel experience. I can say that luxury car rental service is the one of the best services offered in Bucharest.

Now… I also have to say that the car was really great, imagine a black cab, a Mercedes car made specially for important people, for VIPs, for people with a lot of money of for people that really need a great image while doing business – and I happened last year to be one of the former.
When I first encountered this kind of service I thaught that it was something absolutely exaggerated, but after trying it I am really sure that it helps to have a lot of personell at your dsposal, even valets or personal assistants that would help you organize yourself.

So yes – to rent a car with driver is a marvel of today life style, with a bit of great service, a bit technology and a whole lot of test regarding the car that is going to drive you to your destination – and not least, the way you are going to get to your destination.

luni, 11 aprilie 2016

Virtual Tour Software

           The usual process of buying a house means visiting a lot of locations, prospecting the market for new and new options and finally deciding which one to buy. That means a lot of time and energy, especially if you have a job and a family in the middle. The endless trips to seeing the interior of those house is exhausting. And you can’t just decide on what house to buy before seeing the whole of it, not just a few pictures of the living room and the bathroom. But it can be done much easier.

            There is a solution now and it’s called virtual tour software. It’s an actual site that let’s you see the house 3D and in all it’s interior, every corner and every step. The process implies an agent who goes to that location, takes pictures of the house, a lot of them, and then combines each and every one to make a 3D print of the house inside and outside. When you enter a site of the virtual tour software you can visualize every corner and evert detail of that particular location. Walk around it with the mouse, open doors, close them, see how how big actually is the bathroom, and how the living room combines with the rest of the house.

            Think about it. You get all the information you usually got by making some time in your busy day, driving there, seeing it, maybe making some pictures for showing them to your family so you can all decide on it. All this now can be done from your home or from your office or everywhere you have a laptop and internet connection. House buying suddenly become much easier. You can prospect hundreds oh house in just one day. No need for driving, for getting of work, for finding spear time in the weekends. And you get all the information you need and you see every bit of detail of the house that is of interest to you. Virtual tour software is the future of house buying.

miercuri, 23 martie 2016

Proiectoarele Led cu Senzor de Miscare

             Tehnologia LED s-a dezvoltat simtitor in ultimii ani, astfel ca astazi se gasesc pe piata produse gata sa ne faca viata mult mai confortabila, printre care si proiectoarele LED cu senzor de miscare, ideale in nenumarate situatii. Fie ca se doreste iluminarea unui teren de fotbal doar pentru o ora sau doua, fara a mai fi astfel nevoie de cronometru, sau de iluminarea unei incaperi din locuinta doar la depistarea miscarii, acest senzor este foarte eficient pentru economii importante la facturile de electricitate, ce se injumatatesc.

Avantajele proiectoarelor LED cu senzor de miscare

            Pe langa consumul scazut de energie, de regula, aceste proiectoare propun 3 tipuri de setari si anume, un timer pe care il regleaza consumatorul dupa preferinte si necesitati, precum sensibilitatea la lumina si cea la distanta. Puterea medie este de 10W, iar durata de viata depaste 10 ani cu usurinta, consumatorii avand posibilitatea de a alege dintre diferite culori, astfel incat nuanta luminii sa se asorteze cu incaperea.

          Intensitatea luminii este de 800 de lumeni, iar proiectoarele pot fi folosite si in aer liber, fiind rezistente la apa, praf si gunoaie datorita carcasei metalice confectionata din aluminiu. De asemenea sistemul de prindere special permite ca unghiul luminii sa fie ajustat dupa nevoie. Astfel, proiectoarele LED cu senzor de miscare sunt ideale in locuinta, dar si in diferite spatii comerciale, magazine, gradini, hale, depozite, tunele, cladiri importante si nu numai. Datorita faptului ca proiectorul nu emite radiatii ultraviolete, LED-ul nu atrage insectele zburatoare. In plus, aceste dispozitive sunt ecologice si nu au in componenta substante nocive precum mercur sau plumb, fapt specific becurilor incandescente obisnuite.

          Cu alte cuvinte, consumatorii beneficiaza de un consum foarte redus de energie, astfel ca investitia se recupereaza in termen scurt, in timp ce lumina distribuita uniform nu produce efecte negative, iar proiectorul promite o lunga durata de viata.

miercuri, 16 decembrie 2015

Fighting Methods PPC Click Fraud

          Even if you are a newbie in Google Adwords advertising rogram I’m really sure that you have heard about a bad practice known as “ppc click fraud”. Click Fraud is a very big problem that affect advertising agecines and webmasters who use pay per click services.
Click Fraud techniques for google adwords had increasing in the recent years. Competitors malicious use a range of techniques such as: рrохіеs, sруwаrе, аnd аdwаrе or Even payed manually clicks on ads. If you are using pay per clicks services you should monitorize some things to detect and prevent click fraud.
1. Веwаrе оf suddеn sріkеs іn сlісk vоlumе.
Ads always have a specific CTR somewhere between 10 – 20%. If you CTR increase suddenly without an increase of your conversions you might dealing whit click fraud.
2. Carefully choose whice sites to place your payed ads
If you are using google adwords display networks, know as GDN network you must be selective when choosing websites where your ads will be display. Is a known thing that are some webmasters that are clicking on your ads to increase their revenue from Google Adsense.
3. Use Click Fraud Protection Services
In the last years many companies developed softwares to detect and protect against pay per click fraud. In the long run this kind of service will be very useful for you.
            Сlісk frаud wіll lіkеlу соntіnuе tо bе а mајоr соnсеrn fоr аdvеrtіsеrs whо аdvеrtіsе оn рау реr сlісk nеtwоrks such as Google Adwords.Ноwеvеr, аggrеssіvе еffоrts оn thе раrt оf Gооglе and third part services like аrе bеgіnnіng tо rеduсе thе numbеr оf frаudulеnt сlісks.

sâmbătă, 10 octombrie 2015

Era timpul pentru o schimbare...

                Ma plictisisem de prea mult timp de job-ul meu incadastru si intabulare asa ca m-am hotarat sa fac o schimbare si sa incerc o afacere pe cont propriu. Avand in vedere ca si prietena mea era destul de obosita de programujl naucitor al job-ului ne-am hotarat sa incercam o propria noastra afacere. AM alergat vreo 2 saptamani pana cand am reusit sa ne punem toatea actele in regula pentru a porni o afacere cu o agentie imobiliara. Ne-am infiintat firma, am pus toate actele in regula, ne-am inchiriat un sediu, ne-am facut carti de vizita si nu in ultimul rand ne-am inscriptionat masinile cu logo-ul firmei noastre pentru a da dovada de profesionalism.
                Am investit toate economiile noastre in aceasta afacere, undeva pe la 2000 de lei, bani stransi in mai bine de 6 luni. Pot sa va spun ca numai inscriptionarea masinilor ne-a costat undeva la 500 de lei insa avem mari sperante cu aceasta afacere. Am cazut de comun accord sa ne adresam doar clientilor care sunt interesati de vanzarea, respectic cumpararea imobiliarelor fiindca aici se obtine cel mai mare commission.
                Dupa calculele noastre putem supravietui undeva pe 4, maxim 5 luni fara clienti…si pana la urma urmei daca nu  avem succes cu aceasta afacere ne pute reintoarce oricand in randul salaritilor cu un job.

sâmbătă, 22 august 2015

Masajul erotic in Cupluri - o salvare a relatiei ??

Am citit recent pe forumul ele ca cea mai buna metoda pentru ca un cuplu sa-si exploreze trupurile si sa ajunga la niveluri cat mai mari ale intimitatii este prin practicarea masajului erotic. Acest tip de masaj este compus din atingeri pline de dragoste ale partnereului, atingeri care vor trezi senzatii erotice si afective dintre cele mai profunde. Realizat ca la carte, masajul erotic poate fi considerat de unele cupluri cea mai intima experienta traita vreodata. Conditia de baza care trebuie respectata cu sfintenie pentru un masaj erotic de vis este oferirea atentiei cuvenite partenerului din cuplu pentru a-l descoperi si stimula pana si cea mai mica parte a corpului.
Pentru un masaj erotic reusit ai nevoie de cateva lucruri esentiale:
- Pregatirea unei atmosfere care sa stimuleze senzualitatea. 
Pentru aceasta se recomanda folosirea unor lumanari care sa ofere o lumina difuza.
- Folosirea unor betisoare parfumate care sa confere senzualitate.
- Folosirea unui ulei special pentru masaj, ulei care are puterea de a relaxa dar care este si afrodisiac in acelasi timp. In timpul masajului cu ulei, nu trebuie omise zonele erogene…dimpotriva trebuie sa fie foarte bagate in seama.
In urma studiilor intense dar si a statisticii efectuate in zeci de ani s-a ajuns la concluzia ca exista 5 zone perfecte pentru un masaj erotic reusit:
1. Fata care are multe zone receptive la stimuli sexuali: fruntea, gura si nu in ultimul rand, ochii.
2. In zona gatului se regasesc multe terminatii nervoase care stimulate cum trebuie vor duce la o relaxare completa a intregului corp. Dupa ce v-ati dat cu ulei in mana, trebuie masat gatul cu miscari care sa se prelungeasca si pe spatele partenerului.
3. Spatele este o zona plina de muschi si de nervi care va reactiona chiar si la cea mai mica atingere. Se incepe cu mangaieri usoare de la gat si pana la fese, se sufla incet pe pielea partenerului, sfarsind cu mangaierea in partea de jos a feselor partenerului.
4. Organenele genitale ale femeilor. Cu mana imbibata de ulei se actioneaza asupra vulvei avand grija sa aveti degetele usor indreptate spre anus, dupa care se trage usor afara neuitand sa atingem si clitorisul (cel mai mare stimul al femeilor).
5. Organele genitale la barbati. Cu o mana trebuie cuprinse testiculele, iar cu cealalata se cuprinde penisul. Se efectueaza miscari de sus in jos, cu diferite niveluri de intensitate neuitand de ulei de masaj pentru o mai buna lubifiere.
Pentru a va convinge ca tot ce am scris mai sus este adevarat va invit sa incercati la Confidential, unul din cele mai mari saloane de masaj erotic din Bucuresti pentru a incerca atat masaj pentru cupluri, cat si cel individual.